Mama Africa Restaurant

Mama Africa Restaurant

Mama Africa Eating House in Victoria Falls offers unique, traditional cuisines from all over Africa. For a memorable stay at Victoria Falls take a visit to Mama Africa to enjoy African dishes while.

Our Menu

From our menus from all over Africa guests have choice of select local cuisines like impala, ostrich stew, Mopani worms , peanut salad and much more in a traditional Africa setting. Check the menu.

Be entertained by township live jazz band while you feast on our select African cuisines. Guests are welcome to join or to try the home made instruments.

Mama’s hot pot dishes make are a selection of African dishes, they are our signature dishes, they distinguish Mama Africa eating house. These include.

Umhwabha ledobi – A Ndebele dish of dried meat and penut butter sauce.

Sadza Ndiurae meaning (Sadza kill me) – A traditional Shona spiced vegetables mixed with fresh steak. Huku Nedovi – A shona dish of chicken mixed with peanut butter sauce

Hunter’s Pot – Game of the day. slowly brewed and prepared the African style.

Chicken or beef curry

Vegetable Curry

All served with plain rice, peanut butter rice, potatoes or sadza.

The Grill

A real African feast, guest move from grill to grill in search of the best braai. A whole lamb or wathorg can braaid and finished from the grill. These are best served with fresh vegetable salads. Our grill menus include

Prime Zimbabwean Rump Steak

Ladies Fillet

Elephant Turd T-born stake

Pan Fried Pork Chops – Seasoned, fried and served with apple sauce

Mozambique Peri peri Chicken – seasoned to your liking – mild or hot and served with seasonal vegetables.

Grilled Zambezi Whole Bream – Palm sized whole bream, served with tomato/onion relish.

All the above served with seasonal grilled vegetables, chips or baked potato and the following sauces; peri peri, pepper, lemon garlic butter


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